No guns, no bombs, only hand fight Telugu movies

No guns, no bombs, only hand fight Telugu movies

Tollywood has obtained huge acclaim in contrast with some other entertainment world which is quickly growing bit by bit. It is a piece of Indian film aimed at the advancement of motion pictures in the Telugu language, comprehensively spoken in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The directors of this industry most likely go with new intriguing idea and stories. This film industry makes extraordinary activity motion pictures, sentimental films and movies of all genre. There is no need for guns and bombs to entertain the audience in Telugu movies. Telugu movies can still provide the best entertainment to the viewers, even with hand fights. These movies are always fun to watch and to engage in the plot as usual. Tamil cinema also has a great obsession with cop films. These cop movies have a huge audience that like this exciting and entertaining genre. One such cop movie is a 100, which is worth-watch.


Sam Anton has directed this movie. In this movie, Sathya (Atharvaa) is an angry young fellow who is seeking to turn into a cop. Even before he gets his posting, he releases his offence on criminals scamming them up to press at each given a chance. His dearest companion is Anwar (Mahesh), a cop whose sister Ayesha (Harijan) is similar to a sister.

There is Nisha (HansikaMotwani) who pursues the hero. He slams up her sibling Vicky (RaajAyappa) for following Ayesha, and an alliance starts. When Sathya lands his position posting, he discovers to his confusion that rather than hands-on work, he needs to sit behind a work area and accept calls for 100. Sathya has no interest in his work except for then comes to a call that transforms him and influences each one of the people around him, driving him deep into an organization of evil wrongdoings.

The Director of this movie has been incredible by creating this plot and presenting it properly. AtharvaaMurali plays a cop effortlessly and looks persuading. Yogi Babu, as his companion in the control room, gives some chuckling. Radha Ravi, as the senior cop, works effectively. All the artists do a great job in presenting their character on the screen in an effective manner. The Cinematography, music and editing of this movie are excellent. This movie will attract the audience in every aspect.

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