Towards Source - A Mobile Trading Platform

Towards Source – A Mobile Trading Platform

The mobile trading platform that Towards Source is offering is a revolutionary step in the world of financial trading. The company has seen amazing success in their first few weeks and offers traders the ability to trade on the go without needing to have a high-secured, desktop computer in order to do so.  Towa Corp is a company that specializes in the development of mobile trading platforms. They are known for their work with Blockchain and fintech, but they are expanding into the world of cryptocurrencies. Towards Source is Towa’s newest venture, which is designed for traders who want to be able to trade on their phone or tablet without having to download an app or use a computer. Towards Source is a mobile trading platform that makes it easy for investors to trade in the stock market. It was created in response to poor accessibility and user-friendly interface of major stock exchanges.

TTS History

TTS has a long and interesting history. The company started in 2014 as a mobile trading platform for the US stock market. It grew to be one of the fastest growing companies before going public in 2015. Its success was short lived and, after losing investor interest, the company shut down in 2017. The trading platform, which is now known as Towards Source, was founded in 2007. The company started out small with just 30 employees. They decided to shift their focus after the 2008 financial crisis and began to target a broader audience by developing a mobile trading application that would help investors diversify their portfolio.

Trading on Towards Source is simple. Each trader will be assigned a balance of coins, which can be sent to other traders. In order to trade, traders must send their coins to the person with whom they wish to trade through the app’s chat feature. Once contact has been made and coins confirmed, traders may place their orders in the market. If either trader changes his or her mind about trading during this process, then both parties may cancel their transaction at any time prior to completing it. With trading on Towards Source, a user creates a “trade” by selecting an asset.